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Thursday, 31 July 2014


Edward Hadas

Edward Hadas: Not all banks are alike

30 July 2014

Ideology and intellectual laziness have led politicians and regulators to think of banks solely as profit-maximising institutions which only pretend to care about the future. History, solid analysis and the thriving of state investment banks tell quite a different story.

Rob Cox

Rob Cox: MetLife CEO should revel in his anonymity

29 July 2014

That almost no one knows ol’ so-and-so is good for shareholders. How he handles the mega-insurer’s likely designation as a systemic threat could change that. A Jamie Dimon-style fight would be foolish. Better to speak softly and keep the name Steve Kandarian out of headlines.

Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon: Euro crisis is sleeping, not dead

28 July 2014

The euro zone is suffering from stagnation, “lowflation,” unemployment and debt. It’s not well placed to weather shocks, such as a further deterioration of relations with Russia. A pact to boost inflation and ramp up structural reform is the best way to insure against disaster.

Edward Hadas

Edward Hadas: Growth in a rich and crowded world

23 July 2014

Has the global growth rate slowed? The debate is hot and not very illuminating. Reported numbers prove nothing and historical analysis is often confused. As more material desires are met, there is less room for big leaps forward. But don’t write off the human imagination.

Rob Cox

Rob Cox: Listen to Murdoch's muzzled minorities

22 July 2014

Most Fox believers are relegated to owning non-voting stock, the same second-tier paper on offer to Time Warner shareholders. While there’s broad investor overlap in the two companies, the record shows a clear distaste for the imperialistic ways of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon: What is EU capital markets union?

21 July 2014

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission’s president-elect, has embraced the goal of creating such a framework. But so far it is more of a slogan than a set of policy actions. Here’s an attempt to flesh out the idea.

Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon: UK prepares for possible EU failure

16 July 2014

David Cameron has appointed a eurosceptic as his foreign minister and nominated a little-known former lobbyist as Britain’s European commissioner. The prime minister looks to be lining up a Plan B of campaigning to quit the EU if he fails to reform it. This would be a mistake.

Rob Cox

Rob Cox: Has Yum outlived its usefulness to China?

15 July 2014

The Kentucky Fried parent earned respect – and profits – less by currying favor with Beijing, more by doing good business. Innovations like a safe food-supply chain benefited the country. But having created the standard, Yum is now struggling to revitalize its recipe.

Andy Mukherjee

India in depth: Rewiring finance to ignite growth

15 July 2014

The Narendra Modi government is planning big changes to the financial system. Deepening the bond market and improving the central bank’s credibility for taming inflation may boost investment and savings and prepare the ground for sustained 8-percent-plus growth.

Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon: How to fight UK immigration fears

14 July 2014

UKIP has fanned fears so much that Brexit is now a risk. The best response is to show how free movement of people within the EU benefits the economy and society overall, while acknowledging that some groups may be harmed and working to improve their lot.