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Saturday, 29 August 2015


Rob Cox

Rob Cox: Double-duty CEOs are a worrisome trend

27 August 2015

Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne may don another hat to run Ferrari. Like Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk, however, he’s only human. Investors in public companies, especially young or challenged ones, require full attention from a leader. That’s all but impossible when he’s running two.

Rob Cox

Rob Cox: Tianjin deserves to be a Cuyahoga moment

20 August 2015

The chemical blasts that rocked China’s No. 6 city have exposed a lethal coziness between industry, government and party - and an endemic failure to put human life over economic development. Like the time an Ohio river caught fire in 1969, this feels like a wake-up call.

Edward Hadas

Edward Hadas: Amazon's ultra-XY management style

19 August 2015

The retail giant denies running a cruelly competitive workplace. But when a super-charged inspirational management style collides with an excessively discipline-centred one, impossible expectations of what staff can achieve become normal. Fortunately, the mix is unlikely to last.

Edward Chancellor

Edward Chancellor: The cost of China's devaluation

17 August 2015

Forget about currency wars and global deflation. The true impact of the yuan’s sudden decline will be felt by China’s dysfunctional credit system, where domestic borrowers and foreign lenders believed the currency could only appreciate.

Edward Hadas

Edward Hadas: Big data can’t solve statistics’ big problem

17 August 2015

Successes by companies like Google have got governments wondering if computers that store trillions of facts can make GDP, inflation and jobs statistics better. But more impressive crunching of numbers can add only a little value, especially when the questions asked are flawed.

Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon: Greece may not need debt haircut

17 August 2015

No single measure, such as debt to GDP, adequately captures how unsustainable Athens’ balance sheet is. Most other yardsticks show Greece needs debt relief. But cutting the face value of its borrowings is probably not required.

Edward Hadas

Edward Hadas: Tom Hayes had the wrong standards

12 August 2015

The convicted trader said he was like most people. They just “do their job” without asking whether it is honest or dishonest.  He has a point. Society requires such upward ethical delegation and it usually works pretty well. Except, that is, in the financial world. 

Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon: How to fix Greece’s banks

10 August 2015

The banks are the weakest point in the country’s economic system. They need to be repaired in order to lift capital controls, restore depositor confidence and finance a future recovery. There are some good ways of doing this, even if the best options aren’t making much headway.

Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon: Euro zone doesn’t need political union

03 August 2015

The Greek crisis has triggered renewed calls for a euro zone government, budget and parliament. But such a political union isn’t needed, desirable or achievable. Instead, the euro zone needs more market-based solutions to thrive.

Rob Cox

Rob Cox: Rick Perry is running for the wrong job

30 July 2015

The presidential candidate and ex-governor of Texas is a proponent of laissez-faire markets. Yet he has joined a global chorus of politicos and watchdogs pushing policies to break up the big banks. If he’s serious, he’d make a better Wall Street regulator than White House boss.