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Wednesday, 04 May 2016


Rob Cox

Cox: What Mark Zuckerberg could learn in Quebec

28 April 2016

The founders of mini-mart leviathan Couche-Tard devised a clever way to balance supporters and detractors of dual-class stock by eliminating voting rights over time. The idea would suit Facebook and many others, if only bad tendencies fueled by ego could somehow be overcome.

Edward Chancellor

Chancellor: Oil prices don't need a Doha to rise

22 April 2016

An agreement among feuding OPEC members to cut production may still be elusive. But the Saudis and other oil-producing nations are in no position to ramp up. As U.S. oil output is set to fall sharply this year, the price of energy is likely to keep heading upwards.

Hugo Dixon

Dixon: Vote to quit EU could tip UK into recession

18 April 2016

A victory for Brexit will trigger political turmoil and acrimonious divorce talks. Investment will grind to a halt as firms wait for the fog to clear. That could cause a recession.

Edward Chancellor

Chancellor: Pensions are a bubble waiting to burst

15 April 2016

Bubbles are essentially illusions of wealth. So look no further than the gap between what pensioners have been promised and the assumptions about returns on their inadequate savings for a glimpse into the next source of financial fragility.

Rob Cox

Cox: Who's the Chinese buyer we've never heard of?

14 April 2016

That’s the question every investment banker now asks when selling a company or asset anywhere in the world. M&A advisers are even flying China specialists across oceans for pitches. Anbang-like hiccups won’t stop the trend. But extra due diligence and vigilance is required.

Rob Cox

Cox: Dan Loeb helps one Abenomics arrow hit target

07 April 2016

Forget the Bank of Japan’s negative interest rate blunder, or the government’s muddled fiscal policies. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s corporate-governance reforms hold the most promise. The pushy investor’s fight with the operator of Seven-Eleven convenience stores offers a useful glimpse.

Hugo Dixon

Dixon: Greece’s problems could become Britain’s

04 April 2016

If the IMF and the EU can’t quickly resolve their conflict over Greece’s bailout, graphically highlighted by a WikiLeaks transcript, Athens could run out of cash in July. The sense of crisis would mount in the preceding weeks, just as the UK votes on whether to stay in the EU.

Rob Cox

Cox: The social costs of financial returns

24 March 2016

That’s the tension at the center of “Dry Powder,” an off-Broadway play about private equity. Like most dramatizations of high finance, it engages in caricature. But the show also offers genuine insight into the emerging risks Wall Street faces from rising income inequality.

Edward Chancellor

Chancellor: Lessons from the Mississippi Bubble

23 March 2016

This year marks the 300th anniversary of the start of John Law’s ambitious, and ultimately failed, economic experiment. Much like today’s central bankers, Law thought printing banknotes and forcing interest rates lower would solve all of France’s problems. He was so very wrong.

Hugo Dixon

Dixon: Turkey deal offers a lot – if it sticks

08 March 2016

An offer to reduce disorderly migration would cut the risk of Britain leaving the EU and Greece quitting the euro. It would also shore up German Chancellor Merkel’s position, helping stabilise the EU and the Schengen Area. What it won’t do is stop anti-migrant populism in Europe.