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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Martin Langfield

Mexico faces hardest task kicking Latam graft

30 March 2015

The Petrobras kickback probe shows Brazil is getting better at dealing with corruption. A Chilean boardroom dispute highlights the role foreign pressure can play. NAFTA has helped set new rules in Mexico, but its one-party history and drug money present huge obstacles.

Andy Mukherjee

Clipping Indian central bank's wings is bad idea

30 March 2015

The Reserve Bank of India is facing a campaign to undermine it. Subjecting its regulatory decisions to judicial review will erode its authority. Removing the bond market from its control serves little purpose. Investors can live with a bossy RBI, but not a weak one.

Kate Duguid

Review: If only U.S. elite education didn't matter

27 March 2015

Many American parents and teenagers believe a top-flight university degree is a necessary ticket to success. A new book tries to calm them down. The sentiment is comforting, but the statistics don’t quite support the meritocratic message. The Ivy League still gives a big edge.

Quentin Webb

Review: The lucrative and controversial Blair Inc

20 March 2015

Tony Blair has made a small fortune after stepping down as UK prime minister, advising illiberal leaders from Kuwait to Kazakhstan. A timely new book details his awkward juggling of paid and non-profit work. Blair is an extreme example of a wider challenge to politics.

Dominic Elliott

What Deutsche Bank’s strategy revamp should say

20 March 2015

The German lender’s co-CEOs Anshu Jain and Juergen Fitschen have cut investment bank assets by a fifth. They should chop at least that much again, faster, while exiting Postbank and marginal countries. Without radical action, Deutsche will struggle to make decent returns. 

Peter Thal Larsen

China's world bank has rickety foundations

20 March 2015

The country’s patchy record of funding big projects at home and abroad hasn’t deterred Western countries from rushing to join its new Asian infrastructure bank. To lure private capital, the body will have to be commercial and transparent. Early signs suggest it will be neither.

John Foley

China's capital flight lands on New York doorsteps

19 March 2015

Chinese investors have pumped $10.4 billion into U.S. real estate in two years, most of it in Manhattan. And that doesn’t include the homes they actually live in. Americans should welcome their new neighbours. The question for China is how many of its elite it can stand to lose.

Roger Ferguson

Guest view: Vocal investors add value and variety

18 March 2015

Giving shareholders more say in director nominations opens companies to fresh viewpoints and talent. So does putting women and minorities in management and on boards. Adopting those policies is good business, not just the right thing to do, says Roger Ferguson, CEO of TIAA-CREF.

Andy Mukherjee (small)

Finding double-digit growth in India's GDP fog

17 March 2015

New statistics are deceptively rosy. If the economy can grow 7.4 pct when local interest rates are high and world demand low, how tough would 10 pct be? But complacency may lead to bad policies. Efficiency trends peg potential GDP growth at just 7 pct. Only reforms can lift it.

Una Galani

Twin ghosts haunt Malaysia's sovereign fund

12 March 2015

The country created 1MDB to finance big national projects, but poor management has left it with net debt of more than $10 bln. Its links with the prime minister complicate the mess. Though the fund is now being restructured, the clean-up brings both financial and political risks.