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Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Richard Beales

Review: Steve Jobs, both man and machine

09 October 2015

A new Hollywood biopic directed by Danny Boyle provides a glossy, fictionalized yet revealing glimpse of the human being behind Apple’s iconic products. A recent documentary has a harder critical edge. Four years after his death, Jobs’ flawed genius defies categorization.

Edward Chancellor

The Devil's Dictionary of Post-Crisis Finance

09 October 2015

Ambrose Bierce wrote “The Devil’s Dictionary” a century ago, ranging acerbically across government, commerce and life. Breakingviews’ original re-use of the form for finance – in 2007, when the crisis was barely beginning – is no longer adequate. Herewith part one of the sequel.

Robyn Mak

Alibaba delivery arm is a financial blind spot

02 October 2015

The Chinese e-commerce group is a minority investor in the business that arranges delivery of billions of its packages. Yet Alibaba has spent over $6.3 bln on logistics-related deals in the past three years. Even if the investments make strategic sense, shareholders are in the dark.

Peter Scher

Guest view: A big dividend from investing in data

01 October 2015

U.S. officials haven’t collected employer training information in two decades. It’s one example of a larger problem. Peter Scher, JPMorgan’s head of corporate responsibility, says more public and private funding of data gathering and analysis would help the U.S. economy grow.

Antony Currie

Carney hits potential sustainable-finance goldmine

01 October 2015

U.N. goals, a U.S.-China pact and papal concern are all fine ways to highlight global development issues. The problem is financing the $4 trln a year needed to solve the issues. The BoE governor’s idea to make companies lay out climate-change risks is one promising approach.

Reynolds Holding

VW tests U.S. enforcers' fairness to foreign firms

28 September 2015

The German carmaker skidded into a legal system that extracts bigger fines and more guilty pleas from overseas companies than American peers. Differences in the cases may explain the discrepancy. But any prosecutor bias may get as much scrutiny as Volkswagen’s emissions tricks.

Ben Kellerman

Review: A human face for the foreclosure fiasco

25 September 2015

Seven years on and the financial crisis blame game is still alive and well. In his new film, “99 Homes,” Ramin Bahrani crafts a dramatic narrative that does the best job yet of capturing the complexity of assigning accountability to the collective U.S. housing delusion.

John Foley

Cameron, China and the missing pig semen

25 September 2015

The People’s Republic’s taste for hog DNA was touted as a 45 million pound win for UK trade back in 2013. Two years later, the results have fallen woefully short. Trade and investment are real, but the more important stuff happens when politicians get out of the way.

Rob Cyran

Breakdown: Rare drugs and their even rarer finance

22 September 2015

Shire’s $30 bln offer for Baxalta is the latest in a string of deals for firms targeting uncommon diseases. Therapies costing over $400,000 a patient and regulatory incentives encourage fast growth and acquisitions. Price pushback on parasite and TB drugs showcases one big risk.

Quentin Webb

Japan Post's mega-IPO had better be priced to go

22 September 2015

The landmark privatisation is Japan’s biggest listing in decades. Floating the postal operator, plus stakes in its banking and insurance arms, could raise $11.5 bln. But growth is low and follow-on share sales loom. Successful delivery requires low valuations and high dividends.