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Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Una Galani

India's new payment banks will find profit elusive

19 May 2016

Telco operators, a conglomerate and a startup backed by China’s Alibaba are getting ready to launch new banks to serve the country’s poor. Tight regulation and fierce competition mean it will be hard to make money. Deep pockets will determine who survives.

Quentin Webb

Abenomics has over-promised and under-delivered

17 May 2016

Shinzo Abe has spent more than three years pushing for higher growth, faster inflation and a nimbler economy. But success eludes the Japanese prime minister, who has been too timid with the public purse. Keeping the project going calls for extra spending and even easier money.

Gina Chon

Wall Street makeover would miss the point

13 May 2016

Financiers, politicians and pollsters reckon the industry needs a glitzy PR campaign to combat the impression it’s dishonest. But such an operation could leave bankers with egg on their face. Breakingviews envisions an image consultant advising CEOs to stick with the basics.

Reuters logo

Wall Street plays Patriot card on money laundering

09 May 2016

Banks want Washington to use provisions in the 2001 homeland security Act to set up a public-private database on suspect currency activity. It may be useful in preventing fraud and catching the bad guys. Lenders have another motive, too: cutting costs and even avoiding big fines.

Peter Thal Larsen

India shows China the way to deal with bad debt

06 May 2016

State-backed banks in both countries have lent too much to politically connected companies that are now in trouble. While India is pushing lenders to come clean, China is still not admitting the extent of the problem. Future growth depends on a proper cleanup.

Antony Currie

Climate change is investment deal of the century

22 April 2016

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and hitting other sustainability goals will cost trillions of dollars. But it should spur growth and jobs and create the higher-yielding, long-term assets investors crave. Policymakers, though, need to follow through on their pledges, too.

Robyn Mak

Review: A short tour of Jack Ma's virtual mansion

22 April 2016

An insider’s account provides fresh insights into the origins of China’s most successful entrepreneur. Yet the tale of Ma’s rise reveals little about the inner workings of his e-commerce empire. Outsiders are no closer to disentangling Alibaba’s future from its founder.

Rachel Morarjee - Light

Breakdown: Why are Chinese bond defaults surging?

21 April 2016

More state companies are failing to pay bondholders. This is partly necessity amid an economic slowdown, and partly a useful dose of market discipline. But the withdrawal of government support could spook investors, creating a credit drought.

John Foley

Workplace diversity will take more than markets

15 April 2016

Companies that strongly back gay and lesbian rights perform better, a Credit Suisse study finds. If only it were so simple. Corporate inclusiveness is a bit like environmental sustainability or tax avoidance. Rules, not just returns, are what make businesses do the right thing.


Thruppence: High pay in low times

15 April 2016

BP shareholders just blew a raspberry to the oil company’s decision to pay $20 mln to boss Bob Dudley, who oversaw a big loss as the oil price plunged. But is a market downswing exactly when higher rewards are needed? Breakingviews columnists opine.