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Saturday, 25 June 2016


Samantha Acriche

Review: "Gray Rhino" rambles into financial lexicon

24 June 2016

A new book uses the nose-horned beasts as a metaphor for obvious threats ignored by corporate and political leaders. Myriad examples enlisted by author Michele Wucker are engaging, but the solutions come off oversimplified. The gray rhino may not keep pace with the black swan.

John Foley

Britain's EU vote: a guide for the perplexed

23 June 2016

The UK is voting on whether to leave the European Union. In many ways, Britain is already a euro-anomaly. No matter which way the public votes, the referendum will leave scars, and usher in big changes that go beyond the EU’s borders – whatever shape those may take.

Rachel Morarjee - Light

Review: Mapping China's economy for outsiders

17 June 2016

Arthur Kroeber’s guide to the Chinese economy punctures the myth that it is governed from on high. He describes the competing interests and political bargains that underpin its growth in layman’s terms. It’s a valuable source for anyone trying to make sense of People’s Republic.

Gina Chon

Review: Blockchain hopes go well beyond finance

10 June 2016

The distributed-ledger concept is linked to the bitcoin cryptocurrency, and more recently potential financial uses have taken wing. A new book, “Blockchain Revolution,” explores democratic and humanitarian applications. It’s both eye-opening and, at times, a bit wide-eyed.

Richard Beales

Even imperfect shareholder democracy has value

03 June 2016

Facebook’s board is proposing curbs on Mark Zuckerberg’s future power, while investors in Swiss Sika are fighting a sale of control. A Tribune Publishing vote may be a mere protest, but at T. Rowe Price an error is costing hard cash. Corporate ballots are more than lip service.

George Hay

Models are a surprising face for cartel economics

02 June 2016

UK competition authorities are investigating price-fixing at London’s top model agencies. Creating a cartel from a market that has apparently low barriers to entry sounds tricky. But setting up a new entrant isn’t that easy – and antitrust tsars only need to prove intention.

Jeffrey Goldfarb

Review: Craft-beer memoir goes down easy

27 May 2016

Jim Koch’s tale of brewing Samuel Adams is refreshingly candid about battles with Budweiser, a controversial IPO and other troubles. Unlike many stale business books, “Quench Your Own Thirst” reads like a pub chat. Only Koch’s pride in bad governance leaves a bitter aftertaste.

Gina Chon

Lockheed-Boeing rocket JV feels competitive heat

25 May 2016

Elon Musk’s SpaceX just broke the monopoly on military satellite launches enjoyed by the defense contractors’ alliance. Congress may help the pricey venture by allowing it to buy more sanctions-tainted Russian rocket engines. That’d be a strike against efficiency and innovation.

Una Galani

India's new payment banks will find profit elusive

19 May 2016

Telco operators, a conglomerate and a startup backed by China’s Alibaba are getting ready to launch new banks to serve the country’s poor. Tight regulation and fierce competition mean it will be hard to make money. Deep pockets will determine who survives.

Quentin Webb

Abenomics has over-promised and under-delivered

17 May 2016

Shinzo Abe has spent more than three years pushing for higher growth, faster inflation and a nimbler economy. But success eludes the Japanese prime minister, who has been too timid with the public purse. Keeping the project going calls for extra spending and even easier money.