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Friday, 27 March 2015


Dow Chemical Chief Executive Andrew Liveris speaks during the CERAWEEK energy conference in Houston March 8, 2012.

Dow Chemical tempts fate with $5 bln chlorine sale

27 March 2015

The company is offloading its bleach and vinyl-related chemicals to smaller rival Olin using the esoteric reverse Morris Trust structure. The valuation looks solid, especially considering the tax savings. Yet investors should remain wary given the history of such complex deals.


Sharing benefits may be lost on real economy

27 March 2015

The likes of Uber and Airbnb are rising fast. A new report projects, for example, the new breed of lodging services alone will grow nearly 20-fold over the next decade, to over $100 bln of bookings. Sharing is also cutting prices. The effects could elude official GDP figures.

The word 'password' is pictured on a computer screen in this picture illustration taken in Berlin.

Hacked JPMorgan can leapfrog peers on cyber danger

26 March 2015

Big U.S. lenders scarcely mentioned the risk in their annual meeting documents in 2014. Since then, though, Jamie Dimon’s firm was hacked and cybersecurity has surged up the agenda. Wells Fargo and Citi said more in this year’s proxies, but JPMorgan could set a new standard.

Financial investor Warren Buffett looks on during an announcement ceremony at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, January 28, 2015.

Buffett-3G juggernaut can keep on truckin'

26 March 2015

Kraft Heinz is the third time the Sage of Omaha and the trio behind AB InBev have joined forces, after swoops on the ketchup maker and Tim Hortons. The partners’ patience, financial firepower and industry experience give them big advantages. Bigger deals may lie down the road.

Kate Duguid

Review: If only U.S. elite education didn't matter

27 March 2015

Many American parents and teenagers believe a top-flight university degree is a necessary ticket to success. A new book tries to calm them down. The sentiment is comforting, but the statistics don’t quite support the meritocratic message. The Ivy League still gives a big edge.

nomura abenomics

Nomura's lonely mortgage stand could yet deliver

26 March 2015

JPMorgan and 15 other banks paid Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac $18 bln to settle home-loan fraud charges, yet the Japanese lender is fighting back at trial. It’s a risky move that may prove shrewd after U.S. court rulings this week. It isn’t a requirement to roll over for Uncle Sam.

Univision logo

Univision owners belatedly dial up profit gigante

25 March 2015

A $13.7 bln leveraged buyout of the U.S. Spanish-language broadcaster in 2007 ran headlong into an ad bust. A little pluck, in the form of a savvy deal with Televisa, and some luck, thanks to an unexpected source of revenue, turned things around. A decent payday now awaits.