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Monday, 02 March 2015


Hypo Alpe Adria

Austria finds apt target for landmark bank bail-in

02 March 2015

Vienna is to hit creditors in the remnants of Hypo Alpe Adria, after finding a capital hole of up to 7.6 bln euros. Unlike the recent bail-in of Portugal’s BES, senior bondholders get haircut too. EU reforms to protect taxpayers from banks are being used on deserving candidates.  

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) listens to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley during the Global Business Summit in New Delhi January 16, 2015.REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee

India's infrastructure push could be envy of West

02 March 2015

The government has pushed back its deficit reduction target in order to boost spending on roads, rail and power. New Delhi is now unmistakably pursuing a public investment-led growth strategy. It’s an opportunity that rich nations, which can borrow far more cheaply, are missing.

Passengers travel on an overcrowded train on the outskirts of New Delhi February 26, 2015. India will increase investment in its overloaded railway network to 8.5 trillion rupees ($137 billion) over the next five years, the government said on Thursday, pr

India goes back to future with $137 bln rail push

27 February 2015

The government’s ambitious plan will require finesse in raising money. But the investment case is strong. India’s British rulers reaped huge productivity gains by building out the railways 150 years ago. Modernizing the dilapidated network could produce even better returns. 

The Hong Kong skyline is seen from the Peak June 18, 2013

Asian telco IPOs show investors still yield-hungry

26 February 2015

Investors snapped up shares in Thailand’s Jasmine broadband fund and may do the same for Hong Kong provider HKBN, reflecting the view that U.S. interest rates will remain lower for longer. As long as money remains cheap, shareholders will chase generous and reliable dividends.

A woman rides past the headquarters of the People's Bank of China, the Chinese central bank, in Beijing, April 3, 2014.

China rate cut shows back-to-front monetary policy

02 March 2015

The clip to borrowing costs won’t much change life for credit addicts or for savers. The central bank’s move is little more than a signal from on high that planners are up with events. When it comes to managing the Chinese economy, official interest rates play a limited role.

Australia's property market joins closed-door club

26 February 2015

The government plans to charge fees to foreign buyers and enforce restrictions on sales of existing homes. After Hong Kong and Singapore, another hot real estate market is cooling to Chinese money. It adds to the political pressure on other countries to become less welcoming.

The SGX sign is seen outside its building in Singapore

Singapore Exchange's next CEO faces ho-hum job

25 February 2015

Departing chief Magnus Bocker’s successor will inherit a business suffering from existential angst. Trading volumes are static and big listings scarce. The outlook is brighter for derivatives, but given the absence of M&A targets it will be hard for debt-free SGX to grow.