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Saturday, 04 July 2015


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

Tsipras departure could unlock Greek debt relief

03 July 2015

European creditors are wary of writing off Athens’ debts because it could set a precedent. Yet if Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigns after the referendum, a deal should be doable. Few politicians would follow his path of capital controls, economic strife and career implosion. 

Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon: How to jump Greece’s next debt hurdle

03 July 2015

Even if the Greeks vote “Yes” in Sunday’s referendum, the country will struggle to pay a bond owned by the ECB on July 20. Failing to pay could trigger the bankruptcy of the country’s entire banking system. Financial engineering may provide a solution.

A mill production supervisor samples some potash in the process of being refined.

Potash Corp may have to go too far to get K+S

03 July 2015

The Canadian fertiliser giant is willing to bid $10.5 bln for its German peer. It will need to improve its offer and give credible job guarantees to win over the target. But these concessions could become contradictory. A higher price implies Potash will need bigger cost cuts.

BP may now get closure on Gulf spill

02 July 2015

The UK oil major has settled claims with the U.S. government and five states for $18.7 bln. It brings the total bill to $53.8 bln. But it could have been worse and it’s payable over as much as 18 years. It may also mean BP can finally put the Deepwater disaster behind it.

A leaflet which reads "Uber go home" is seen on a taxi as striking French taxi drivers block the traffic on the Paris ring road during a national protest against car-sharing service Uber, in Paris, France, June 25, 2015.

Uber's French lesson: disruption has limits

03 July 2015

The upstart taxi app has suspended its service in France after a fortnight in which it was the target of violence. Two executives were also detained. Uber’s truculent approach has driven growth. But agents of renewal sometimes have to work with the status quo to change it.

A protester waves a European Union flag in front of the parliament building during a rally calling on the government to clinch a deal with its international creditors and secure Greece's future in the Eurozone, in Athens, Greece, June 22, 2015.

Life after default: Malaysia's tips for Greece

03 July 2015

The Asian country shunned an IMF lifejacket in 1998. Greece could soon be in a similar boat. Breakingviews imagines former leader Mahathir Mohamad’s advice to Greek PM Alexis Tsipras: devalue, fix the banks, and boost spending – but don’t bother jailing your finance minister.

A sunflower blooms in front of a wind generator.

Iberdrola’s American dream gets harder to realise

02 July 2015

The Spanish utility’s $3 bln takeover of listed U.S. peer UIL has been dissed by the Connecticut regulator. Iberdrola can probably offer concessions to get the deal done. But the costs of doing so risk making its attempt to crack the fragmented American market less attractive.