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What Our Readers Say

Don’t take our word for it. Our readers and the critics have weighed in.

“This analysis is like a high-protein snack that quickly makes you smarter about complex global events. Its spare prose bubbles with wit, intelligence and accessibility. Breakingviews consistently assesses the long view and offers readers fresh insights.”
Judges’ report on Breakingviews’ winning submissions, SABEW awards 2014

“Breakingviews gives me the first considered opinion on any important economic event. That’s invaluable.”
Oswald Grübel, ex-cheif executive of UBS and Credit Suisse

“Pithy, thoughtful, topical and gets the point.”
Michael Hintze, CEO, CQS

“I’m an avid reader of BV. It’s always sharp, punchy and challenging.”
Philip Hampton, former chairman, Royal Bank of Scotland

“Breakingviews helps me to draw the inferences that I need to make decisions as developments occur.”
Howard Marks, chairman, Oaktree Capital Management

“One of the most thoughtful and influential commentaries out there. Even when you don’t agree, it still makes you think.”
Charles Sherwood, former partner, Permira

“Breakingviews is a must read for M&A professionals and market analysts. The time you spend reading it is an investment that will provide dividends many times over.”
David A. Katz, partner, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

“Agree or disagree, but you can’t ignore the Breakingviews viewpoint – turning information into insight at pace.”
Nigel Mills, Chairman, Corporate Broking, Citigroup

“BV is fast, relevant and makes efficient use of my time. I read it every day.”
Martin Halusa, chairman and former CEO, Apax

“Breakingviews is the one news service I always check, because it’s timely, smart and best of all, efficient with my time. It’s usually the first to hit my in-box with the latest hot story, and one glance is enough to know whether to click for more, while its opinions are provocative and sharp. Well worth the read.”
Karina Litvack, former head of governance & sustainable investment, F&C Management

“Breakingviews gives very rapid intelligent comment and opinion, with an important clear separate statement of the facts and context.”
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, chairman, Hermes Equity Ownership Services

“BV continually provides a timely and unique perspective; it’s an invaluable investment tool.”
Edward Mathias, managing director, Carlyle Group