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Breakingviews TV: Lessons to learn from Covid-19

As vaccines are administered to tame the pandemic, policymakers and central bankers will soon need to confront a handful of stored-up challenges, including the question of how to pay for stimulus borrowing, Allianz CEO Oliver Baete tells Rob Cox in a wide-ranging discussion.


Breakingviews TV: Jumpstarting growth in Europe

Even before Covid-19, EU fiscal rules needed some updating. The pandemic has made the case for changes even stronger. Europe must avoid a post-crisis drop in investments, European Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni tells Lisa Jucca and Rob Cox in a pertinent conversation.


Breakingviews TV: Financial markets after Covid-19

The pandemic lowered global interest rates and may revive inflation. Environmental concerns are changing corporate business models. These are just some of the issues investors from BlackRock, Inclusive Capital Partners, Investcorp and Robeco debated with Peter Thal Larsen.


Breakingviews TV: India’s Aditya Puri tips biotech

The recently retired boss of $110 bln HDFC Bank explains to Una Galani how pessimism about the country’s economy is overdone. He also reckons there’s plenty of room for tycoons to be lenders. And after his long career in finance, Puri points to medicine as the next big thing.


Breakingviews TV: Preparing for economic euphoria

When death rates start declining precipitously after widespread Covid-19 vaccinations, pent-up demand will spark heady growth rates – and maybe even inflation. That’s one of many predictions offered by Niall Ferguson, Helena Morrissey and Martin Sorrell in a chat with Rob Cox.


Breakingviews TV: Pets tame the pandemic

Zoetis boss Kristin Peck tells Rob Cox why Fido and his furry friends were winners in 2020. She explains how the $80 billion animal health company will reshape its strategy in the wake of Covid-19, and why she favours smaller deals over mega mergers.


Breakingviews TV: Private equity in populist world

Bain Capital boss Steve Pagliuca joins Lauren Silva Laughlin to discuss his industry’s reputation as the gap between rich and poor widens and his views on U.S. political risks. In a wide-ranging interview, he also tackles pandemic-era investments including airlines and SPACs.


Breakingviews TV: Chevron’s CEO

With the oil business returning too little capital to shareholders in recent years, and energy prices looking lower for longer, Mike Wirth talks about how consolidation to achieve economies of scale, along with the use of new technologies, will dominate the industry’s future.