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Segolene Royal’s voodoo economics

The French socialist candidate comes up with a plan heavy on traditional welfarestate intervention and light on serious reforms. Her silence on the economy might get help her get votes back from the hardcore left. But it will help Sarko grab the centrist ground. The socialist candidate's platform is a list of 1970sstyle welfare recipes, without serious reform or insight on how she'll pay for it. If this agenda was ever implemented, it would be a backward step for the French economy.

Sarkozy waters down calls for radical change

In his acceptance speech as the ruling party's next French presidential candidate, Sarkozy shies away from controversial reforms. This could backfire. With no true conservative platform, disappointed voters might prefer other candidates from the right or centre. The French ruling party's newlyinstalled presidential candidate shied away from controversial reforms in his acceptance speech. This could be bad news for France. With no true conservative platform, the country may be denied the debate it needs on its future.