U.S. columnist, Reuters Breakingviews

Breakingviews, the world’s leading provider of real-time financial and economic commentary, is seeking a columnist who can think creatively and analytically about companies, markets and deals. It’s an opportunity to tackle some of the biggest stories and subjects in global finance.

A big part of the role will be to make sense of U.S. companies – including but not limited to those in the energy, manufacturing and retail industries – that are preparing to grapple with a rising interest-rate environment and rapidly shifting geopolitical environment that includes a President Trump and a splintering Europe. The right person will be able to unpick income statements and balance sheets and have a nose for where there is conflict or change in the air. A knack for interpreting corporate finance decisions, including M&A and equity and debt issuance, is also welcome.

Building on a reputation for accuracy, clarity and sophisticated insight at Reuters Breakingviews, the columnist will have access to senior executives, bankers, investors and policymakers; razor-sharp analytical skills; and an ability to explain complex concepts to an international audience. The position is intended to be based in New York, but strong candidates in other major U.S. cities will be considered.

The role involves:

  • Writing strong, original views on companies, markets and corporate finance, both responding rapidly to breaking news and setting the agenda
  • Developing contacts with senior corporate executives, bankers and investors
  • Working closely with other Breakingviews columnists in New York and the rest of the world to explore ideas and views with broader appeal
  • Presenting ideas in fresh and interesting ways, such as developing our popular range of interactive calculators and graphics
  • Promoting Breakingviews by participating in conferences, appearing on television/radio and creating a robust social media presence.

The successful applicant will have:

  • Desire to generate agenda-setting ideas for a global, high-level financial audience
  • Confidence to dig into financial statements
  • Ability to deliver punchy, well-argued opinions on tight deadlines
  • Willingness to build on existing knowledge and, over time, write on a wider range of subjects.

To apply, please click here.