E-book: Predictions 2024

As inflation peaks, war rages and trade conflicts harden, new ways of thinking about how and why the world has changed are emerging. The lessons drawn by voters, central banks, tech titans and bureaucrats will shape economies, companies and markets for years to come.

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E-book: Predictions 2023

After the global pandemic and the outbreak of war in Europe, the world faces a vast array of possibilities this year. Little wonder that executives, policymakers and financiers are planning for many scenarios. Though the choices remain difficult, there’s value in thinking ahead.

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E-book: Predictions 2022

The extraordinary actions required to make epochal shifts, like eradicating hydrocarbons or vanquishing Covid-19, are being taken now. Central banks are removing punch-bowl money. Digital is crushing everything. And without social inclusion, it all falls apart. Welcome to 2022.

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E-book: Art of the SPAC

More than 300 blank-check companies listed already in 2021, and they have struck deals worth nearly $300 bln to buy some 130 targets. It’s a record by miles, but Breakingviews has been on the case for more than a decade. A new e-book tells the story so far, and how it might end.

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E-book: Predictions 2021

Nearly everything that could go wrong did in 2020. The pandemic threw plans – and predictions – out the window. As the world emerges and maybe slingshots into a Roaring Twenties rebound, old appetites will return. But the divisions Covid-19 exposed can’t be forgotten.

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E-book: Once in a Lifetime?

Humanity either learns key lessons from the pandemic, corrects course and becomes a more resilient species. Or it tears further apart and expands the divisions in society that predated Covid-19. In a new e-book on what will change, Breakingviews takes the more optimistic view.

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E-book: Predictions 2020

Expect investors and banks to join the climate-change fight; pain in Russia and South Africa; heightened risk in Hong Kong; and U.S. elections testing Wall Street nerves. Opportunities will abound, too. All this and more awaits in a pivotal year for politics, profit and planet.

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E-book: Aramco’s flawed IPO

The Saudi oil giant has got its $25.6 bln initial public offering away, but not with the valuation or investor base it initially hoped for. Breakingviews’ new e-book, which contains columns stretching back to 2017, explains how the world’s largest ever flotation came up short.

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E-book: Water, climate and finance

Global warming makes itself felt most keenly through floods, drought and changing rain and snowfall patterns. This collection of columns lays out Breakingviews’ take on what that means for companies, investors and economies around the world.

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E-book: WeWork, disrupted

The shared-office provider, once valued at a lofty $47 bln, has abandoned its IPO and ditched its loopy leader. Yet even a slowed-down WeWork will still burn cash. A new Breakingviews e-book recaps the company’s rise and fall, and explores the consequences.

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E-book: Predictions 2019

Equities look overvalued, economies are slowing, and the world’s two biggest economies are at loggerheads. In 2019 there will be high flyers, high jinks, and more people getting high. But there are too many high-stakes situations for there not to be plenty more left high and dry.

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E-book: A year in the life of MbS

In October 2017, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman outlined a more liberal and market-friendly vision in Riyadh. A year on, the kingdom is under fire after the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Breakingviews explains what happened in between.

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E-book: Ten Years After

A decade since Lehman’s collapse, Breakingviews presents a multimedia collection reflecting on the 2008 financial crisis and what’s changed, including new columns and graphics as well as audio and video interviews with key figures like Gary Cohn, Barney Frank and Sheila Bair.

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E-book: 1MDB

The Malaysian scandal once called “kleptocracy at its worst” is being freshly investigated following the country’s shock election outcome. Breakingviews chronicles the sovereign fund’s rise and fall, and the potential repercussions from Kuala Lumpur to Wall Street.

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E-book: Predictions 2018

Money is cheap, the global economy is motoring, and tech is reshaping the world. Populism is still driving discord and uncertainty, but markets are ebullient. From elections to electric cars, we offer a series of insights into what 2018 has in store for companies and economies.

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E-book: Predictions 2017

After the upheavals of 2016, governments, companies and investors face unfamiliar terrain. Once-unthinkable scenarios, good or bad, now seem possible. From the U.S. economy to European elections, from M&A to magic mushrooms, our financial insights offer a guide to the year ahead.

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E-book: Trump Towers

The reality-TV star is upending the global order in real time. As CEOs, world leaders and investors try to interpret what’s in store, a new Breakingviews e-book chronicles Trump the businessman, candidate, populist and president-elect. Who he surrounds himself with is paramount.

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E-book: Bitter Pill

As the embattled drugmaker embarks on its next phase under new CEO Joseph Papa, Breakingviews chronicles the financial razzle-dazzle that got the company into the mess in the first place. The ride all the way up to a $90 bln valuation and back down has been a wild one.

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E-book: Breakingviews on Brexit

There are only two days to go before Britons vote on whether to remain in the European Union. Breakingviews has covered the campaign from the start. Here’s a collection of our best articles – which should appeal to all but those Leave campaigners that dislike the opinion of “experts”.

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E-book: Predictions 2016

For some economies and businesses, the year could be a stairway to heaven. For others, it may turn into a highway to hell. From the U.S. election to Britain’s possible exit from the EU, upheaval at Volkswagen and much more, we offer smart financial ideas for the 2016 playbook.

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E-book: Singapore turns 50

The city-state defied all expectations during its first five decades. Now it faces fresh challenges. As celebrations fade, this collection of views examines Singapore’s prospects including the outlook for its workforce, property market, role as a finance hub, and water supply.

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Predictions 2015: Animal Spirits and Crisis Ghosts

Breakingviews’ annual compendium of financial and economic predictions for the year ahead is out. From the UK election to IBM via the global economy and geopolitics, our columnists offer insightful, entertaining, provocative and – we hope – profitable ideas for the year ahead.

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Alibaba and the twelve digits

Reuters News & Media Ltd Breakingviews’ latest e-book prepares readers for the New York listing of China’s e-commerce colossus. Our columnists comment on the astonishing rise of Alibaba, from head-scratching deals and spats over shareholder rights to the unusual influence of founder Jack Ma.

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Tech Mania 2.014

The latest mini-me internet boom is nearly as absurd as the last. Our new e-book walks readers through the froth evident from Silicon Valley to Hangzhou, exploring the size of the bubble, the likely effects of a pop, and lasting consequences for governance and innovation.

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Predictions 2014: Reversals and Revivals

Breakingviews’ annual compendium of financial foresight sets the agenda for the next 12 months. From Wall Street to the Great Wall, who has most potential to surprise, where are markets heading, and which are the companies to watch? Plus, we predict the winner of soccer’s World Cup.

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The Great Monetary Experiment

The financial crisis saw central banks bring out extraordinary measures to stave off disaster. The era of super-easy money may be coming to an end but the global economy remains shaky. This e-book examines the origins, evolution and impact of unconventional monetary policies.

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The East is Red: China’s mounting debt problem

The country’s economic rise is built on cheap finance. But with debt nearing 200 percent of GDP and much investment wasted, the foundations are looking shaky. “The East is Red” examines the origins of the boom, the current strains, and the painful choices China now faces.

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Japan e-book: Abe’s Economic Experiment

Japan’s prime minister has electrified investors with his three-pronged strategy to shock the country out of its economic malaise. Abenomics has profound implications not just for Japan, but for the rest of the world too. Our new book examines the economic phenomenon of the year.

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Breakingviews predictions for the year

Our annual compilation offers pithy and insightful views on the world in 2013, from the challenges for the euro and central bankers to the destiny of bank bosses, tech titans, emerging economies and financial markets. Readers may agree with us or not – we aim to provoke debate.

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The U.S. election

With Barack Obama and Mitt Romney neck-and-neck in national polls a day before Americans choose their next president, our latest e-book examines how events have shaped the two candidates and the main fiscal and economic challenges facing the next occupant of the White House.

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China changes leaders, but what comes after Hu?

The country’s new top brass will be revealed within weeks. But what does it mean for investors? What do slowing GDP and anti-Japan protests say about China’s future? And what’s the deal with Bo Xilai? Our new book, “Beijing Opera”, explains the geopolitical event of the decade.

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Eurogeddon, the first two and a half years

How did the euro zone get into such a mess? And can it find a way out? Our e-book charts the twists and turns of the first phase of the crisis, while offering some pointers to the future. Perfect reading for what could be a hot summer in the region.

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Diamond’s Not Forever

It’s a month since Barclays was engulfed in the rate-rigging scandal that led to the ousting of its CEO. Our e-book examines Bob Diamond’s short and stormy spell in charge of the British bank, and the profound questions the saga poses for both banks and regulators.

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The real Hong Kong handover?

It is 15 years since Hong Kong reverted to Chinese control. Download our collection of Breakingviews articles which analyse the present and future of the territory’s government, economy and markets.

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Facebook: A Like Story

The $100 bln IPO of Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm-room creation is bound to get a thumbs-up from many investors. But our Breakingviews e-book chronicling Facebook’s rise shows why its business model, corporate governance and exuberant valuation shouldn’t make it a love story.

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Unravelling India

How is political paralysis hurting the Indian economy? Can endemic corruption be effectively brought down? Is India’s long-term growth story still intact? Unravelling India takes on the three top questions facing the world’s largest democracy.

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Predictions 2012: Upside down and inside out

Planet finance has a propensity to turn itself upside down and inside out. It’s up to its old tricks again. A collection of commentaries from Breakingviews sets the financial agenda for the next 12 months.

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Man, products and company: a Steve Jobs e-book

Apple’s visionary leader gave Breakingviews much to comment upon over the past decade. As these stories show, he did more than create transformative gadgets and stunning wealth. Jobs was among the most fascinating business leaders in history.

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Losing Luster: Goldman Sachs Under Lloyd Blankfein

No firm has attracted more envy within the financial industry or scorn from outside it. The latest e-book from Breakingviews chronicles Goldman’s ups and downs over the five years Blankfein has been in charge – and the challenges it now faces at a pivotal moment for Wall Street.

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The China Files

Can China keep up the astonishing 10 percent annual growth rate it has witnessed in the past three decades? And if not, what strain will this put on its political system? Our latest e-book – The China Files – attempts to answer these and other questions.

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After Tahrir

What are Egypt’s prospects post-Mubarak? Read our latest collection of articles.

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Predictions for 2011: Reaping and Sowing

Rising inflation, robust equities and surprisingly strong U.S. growth, but jolts for Europe and disappointment for investors in high-yield and Brazil. Learn more about these and a full range of business and financial predictions for the year in Breakingviews’ latest e-book.

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Fixing mortgage finance and the American dream

The system for financing U.S. house-buying needs a rethink. As the Obama administration hosts a conference to debate the government’s role in the mortgage business, download Reuters News & Media Ltd Breakingviews’ coverage of the issue over the past three years in our latest e-book, Waking Up.

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How BP blew it in the Gulf of Mexico

The UK oil group’s handling of the disaster has become a case study in how not to manage a corporate crisis. Download the best of Breakingviews’ coverage of this saga in our latest ebook, In Too Deep.

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