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Sharon Lam

Sharon Lam joined Breakingviews in December 2017.  Prior to joining Reuters, she completed an internship at Forbes. Sharon has also worked at Korean fund house Mirae Asset in product development and marketing, as well as HSBC private bank. She graduated from Tufts University with a bachelor's in international relations and political science, where she wrote for The Tufts Daily and edited for Hemispheres, an international relations journal. Follow Sharon on Twitter @sharonlamhk

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Recent stories

  • Chinese sportswear may be hard turf to defend
    As Nike and Adidas duke it out at the World Cup in Russia, a bigger matchup looms. China’s market for sneakers and kit is growing quickly, and local rivals like $14 bln ANTA have had a good run. Younger and richer consumers, though, could start giving foreign brands an advantage.
    11 July 2018
  • Hong Kong reveals capital imbalance in LGBT spat
    The city is fighting to stop a lesbian from obtaining a spousal visa. Morgan Stanley, Freshfields and others have backed the woman's case, recognising the value of human capital. Hong Kong favours the financial kind, evidenced by the relaxation of rules to attract more IPOs.
    4 May 2018
  • Review: The ultimate truth about blockchain
    The technology behind bitcoin has applications that extend far beyond the crypto-currency hype. But is it the panacea for humanity’s problems? “The Truth Machine” takes a positive view of decentralised digital ledgers, but underplays fundamental questions of safety and trust.
    6 April 2018
  • China’s business culture sabotages its art culture
    29 March 2018
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